Tuesday, January 24, 2017

What crazy weather we have been having! I hope you have been able to enjoy some of that wonderful snow we have been getting!

Now with the new start of the year… here are some things we have been up to in our classroom.

Language Arts – In reading we are focusing on non-fiction/informational texts. We have talked about the text features that appear in non-fiction books such as captions, diagrams, and photographs. We will be using these skills starting this week and next to begin our biography project. Each child will choose a book based on a person they are interested in and will begin reading and researching about their life, including timeline, important facts, character traits, and new vocabulary.

In writing, we have begun our class book project! Students have chosen a topic (what they want to be when they grow up) and are now in the beginning stages of composing their piece. When finished with each stage and rewrite after rewrite, we will have our book sent off to get published! More information will come at conferences next month about how you can get your own copy!

Math – We are finishing up chapter 2 and will take our test THIS Friday on place value. Next week we will dive into subtraction strategies, including how to regroup/borrow with double digit subtraction.

Science – We are going to begin learning about different states of matter (liquid, gas, solid).

Social Studies – Anchorage’s foundation as a city in 1915 and Alaska’s statehood, beginning with the purchase from Russia in the 1800s.


1.     Variety Show – This is a huge event for our entire school that will be held over by Starbucks at the theater. Our class will be performing a song entitled, “Fill Your Bucket”. There is also an opportunity to participate in a silent auction to help support our school. Our grade level has decided to put together a basket focusing on the theme “Alaska”. Any and all donations are welcome, including any AK souvenirs, ulus, shirts, postcards, playing cards, etc.

2.     SEL Assembly – Our class will be performing at the SEL Assemby on February 6 beginning at 9:00 in the MPR. The assembly will last about 20 minutes and our class will be singing “Fill Your Bucket”, focusing on doing kind acts for others.

3.     Book Orders – Book orders will go out this week. If interested in ordering, please go to Scholastic’s Reading Club website. Our class code is LD3NV. Orders will be submitted on Friday, February 10.

4.     Snow Day! – Our entire school will be having Snow Day on February 3. This is a great family event so all family members are welcome to join. Second graders will participate in snow day in the afternoon (usually 1:15ish to dismissal). More information will be coming home soon.

5.     Seussical – Second graders are now learning songs for “Seussical, the Musical”. This is a fun show that second graders will be performing for the entire school during the first several days in March. Families are welcome to attend the assembly to watch all their hard work pay off! More information will be coming on this as well including specific date (usually end of first week in March) and time (late afternoon).

6.     Parent Teacher Conferences – Conferences will be February 21-24. It will be similar to last October where you will be able to go online and schedule a time that works (with the exception of students who have siblings who attend Ursa Major in which case they will be prescheduled to ensure they are back to back conferences).

7.     No School on February 20 for President’s Day.  

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Busy, Busy, Busy...!

Boy, have we been busy in our second grade classroom! Thank you for all your patience and support. A few things we have been busy working on... 

Math - Students have been working hard on chapter 3 in math where they have been practicing different ways of adding and subtracting. The test is coming up tomorrow (Wednesday) and then we will be diving right into counting money (coins and dollar bills) as well as telling time on an analog clock. They will learn time to the hour, half hour, quarter hour, and five minute increments. Feel free to have kids practice counting coins, identifying coins, and telling time on clocks at home! 


In reading, we have started guided groups! We have four groups and the students chose the animal name for their group. We have the panthers, gorillas, wolves, and tigers. Each group is working on a different set of skills based on what they need. They are involved in reading fluently with expression, practicing sight words, making predictions, and responding using evidence from the texts they are reading. Projects to come! 

In science, students have been learning about the eight phases of the moon. In science teams, they constructed a model of the moon cycle using oreos--it was a blast! Next they will learn about the four seasons and how the earth plays a part in creating them. 


In social studies, students learned about the seven continents and created a 3-D model using a papier mache balloon. We will be soon learning about Anchorage's founding as a city and Benny Benson (designer of the AK flag). 

In computer lab, we are working on Lexia (thanks to those who are doing it at home also!) and Typing Agent. 


Thanks to all who attended Open House! The kids were so enthusiastic to share our room with you! 


Congrats to NF, who has won first place for the second grade Fire Prevention Poster contest! Sparky and the firemen were at school to present her with her award!


- Fire House Field Trip - This Friday! Chaperones (parents of: NF, EG, AJ, KL, JO, DR, TV, KW, and MW) please arrive at the school by 1:50 so we can set you up with your group of kids. We will walk there leaving school by 2:00 and return by 3:30. 


- Upcoming field trip - Next Thursday, October 20, the entire school will be going on a walking trip to take our annual Drug-Free Picture over at Buckner Field. Permission slips are going home today. Please e-mail me if you are able and interested in chaperoning this walking trip. We will leave at 1:30 and hopefully be back by 3:00. 


- Conference Week coming up October 24-27! If you have not scheduled a time or need to fix your time, please go online to schedule. Again, if you would like immediately after school Monday or Tuesday as well as any time before school, please let me know as I will have to enter the time myself. 

 - Book Fair - Due to the book fair being open during conferences, we will not have an October book order. Look for the next flyer coming up the beginning of November for Scholastic! 

LASTLY, congrats to our September Homework Club!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Welcome Back Parents and Students!

This is our classroom blog that will have information about our class and what we are learning, pictures of your students and the work they complete, and important updates as needed. I will always e-mail you to let you know when the blog has been updated so feel free to contact me with any questions, ideas, or concerns.


Your child is now getting into our regular homework routine. They will have their planner sheet in the folder explaining any news for the classroom and the math homework lesson for the night. They will also have a fluency passage to practice every night for one minute with corresponding questions along with spelling, both of which are due on Fridays. 

Now that September has started, we are jumping into Homework Club! If your child does all homework and returns it on time they will be part of our monthly homework club! It will reset so even if your child misses out in one month they have the opportunity to participate again the following month. 


In reading we have started learning about the different stations for guided reading groups. They have learned about Word Work (sorting words, describing patterns, practicing spelling and vocabulary) and Read to Self (using good fit books that they will soon be journaling about). Coming up soon students will start their guided reading groups making sure they are learning at their individual level. We also have started a group read aloud of the fantastic book My Father's Dragon. It is a great story about the adventure a boy takes to Wild Island where he encounters different animals and helps save a dragon. This ties into our writing focus on good summarizing. 


We have learned about odd and even numbers and values of digits in the tens and ones place values. We are going to continue practicing that and adding in expanded form (for example: 94 = 90 + 4). Some good vocabulary for home: Standard Form (82), Expanded Form (80+2), Written Form (eighty-two), Digit (0-9), Tens and Ones Place. 


1. Book Orders - The due date is going to extend to next Friday, 9/16, since I have forgotten to send them home. Again, when you see the flyer (or you can go online and just look around using our class code LD3NV), you can submit any orders online through scholastic.com using the Book/Reading Clubs tab. 

2. Open House - September 16.

3. Huge thank you and shout out to Mrs. Gonzalez and Mrs. Forcella for helping with our classroom!